What Makes It a Journey?


I have been traveling since the 18th of October. I  began in Cuba, where I stayed for 10 days.  I then flew to Cancun where I took a daily tour to visit Maya archaeological sites in Tulum and Coba. I loved visiting those places. If you are in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, you have to go! Click here for Tulum photos and here for Coba photos.

After that quick stay in Cancun I flew to Mexico City on 1st of November where I was able to see El Dia de Muertos in CDMX.




Celebretions took place in November 1 (El Día de Los Innocentes – the Day of the Children and All Saints Day) and November 2 (All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead) but lasted for 4 days because of the weekend right after it. Mexico City was very crowded, colorful and so lovely!





I stayed a few days more to see Frida Kahlo and Soumaya museums.

And one day I was at Museo Nacional de la Acuarela and was trying to ask to how to reach to some other place, when Gary heard how I was struggling with Spanish and helped me out — So I met Lucile and Gary. They have been travelling quite some time and were heading Colombia the next day. We exchanged stories of our journeys of our plans and said goodbye. I might catch them again somewhere, sometime ✌

Then I met Ariadne through my friend Mindy who I met in Kaş, Turkey in May during a trip to Kekova in a boat. Since May, Mindy and I were in touch. So I met her friend Ariadne. She spent a Saturday with me. I enjoyed talking to her about all different things!  Our language was Spanglish 😀

I left CDMX a month ago for Oaxaca. The 7 hour journey with an ADO bus was comfortable, I loved the scenery. We passed by the mount Tláloc and mount Iztaccíhuatl, (both formerly were active volcanos) between Mexico City and Puebla. We climbed up through the mountains but not too steep.  





Oaxaca is a beautiful city with crowded streets, street vendors, beautiful trees and amazingly beautiful and special flowers, colorful single-storey houses, vibrant, lively and always-lively Zócalo.



I stayed here for 4 weeks. Hostal was my home in Andania. It was very comfortable. Very clean and very well maintained. (Only the pots and pans need to be replaced).

As soon as I arrived I asked if they could suggest me a school. It was Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. There I had 3 a week Spanish class. And there I met Rev Kane, Carol, Donald, Marie, Swanti, Annie, Trudy, Amrinder, Yuri, Soren, Vanessa. Spanish classes, cooking classes, salsa dance lessons, weekend tours were great with them. I am happy to know them.. I met great teachers too. Pati and Joel. I am thankful to them very much for teaching me. And other teachers and all the people I met were very nice. 





Oaxaca is known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. First the Olmecs, then the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs lived here for 1500 years. My friends and I joined a tour to see their lands closer. We visited the widest tree in the world, El Tule, Teotitlán del Valle, the archeological ruins at Mitla, and Hierve el Agua. 


El Tule, the widest tree… 2000 years old.. impressive


Teotitlán del Valle is known for its textiles, especially hand made wool rugs, obtained from local sheep and dyed mainly with local, natural dyes. They use historical Zapotec designs. They were great. 

Teotitlán comes from Nahuatl language and means “land of the gods”. Teotitlán del Valle was one of the first villages founded by Zapotec people in 1465 and retains its Zapotec culture and language. I met them here in the village.  Mitla in Nahuatl language it means ‘Place of the Dead’. Zapotec name was Lyobaa, which means ‘tomb’ or ‘place of rest’. 

The Zapotecs inhabited this ancient city after they were forced out of Monte Alban. I admired the stonework. The area is filled with stonework and El Palacio is the most impressive part of the ruins.




We ended the tour at Hierve de Agua. Hierve de Agua means boiling water. Over the years fresh water springs created that: 2 cascading waterfalls and mineral pools at the edge of the cliff… 



When we went there it was in the afternoon and it was hot. I am glad the water was warm enough for me, so I enjoyed it a lot. The time was limited so we had no time for other waterfall.

A few days later Annie and I went there. (We took a bus to Mitla and there we took a shared truck to Hierve el Agua)… we called it an adventure 😂the scenery is so impressive …


On my last day in Oaxaca I finally visited Monte Alban. That time I was on my own…

It is a large archaeological site. “Monte Alban” means “White Mountain” in the Spanish and the Zapotec name was Danipaguache, meaning “Sacred Mountain of Life”. The Aztecs knew it as Ocelotepec, or “Jaguar Mountain”.

It is an artificially flattened sacred Mesoamerican city.

This place was home first for the Zapotecs, then for the Mixtecs, until Spanish Conquest.



How wonderful. The places I visited along the way, the nature I saw the history I felt was incredibly beautiful and impressive. And I met beautiful people. My friends…  we enjoyed together, had good time together  and learned a lot. How lucky and happy I am 🥰



After 4 weeks stay in Oaxaca, I was about to go San Cristobal De Las Casas in Chiapas but all of a sudden my plans changed. My friends are in SanDiego now and will have a trip in California. So, I decided to join them

Now I take a break my Latin America trip and go to America for a couple of days. I wonder where I will be celebrating New Year Eve!

December 8, 2018 😎✌️

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