Valladolid – Cenotes and Las Coloradas


Valladolid a small city, in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula. In and around it there are many places to see.

Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas is 120 kilometres far from Valladolid and by the Gulf of Mexico. This place is the hardest one to go. As I travel by public transportation, first went to a town called Tizimin, by Oriente bus. It took 1 hour. Than by Noreste bus to Las Colodaras took 1,5 hours. And it was at 10.30 am. So far so good. But problem was about returning. The bus returns at 16.30. 


These lakes are privately owned lakes and visiting them only possible with guides. There are many guides waiting for customers at the door. It was a cloudy day and I had 4 hours for the return bus. So I waited a bit for the sun to come out, but no, the clouds didn’t go anywhere. Than I decided to take the tour. I don’t know what is being paid to the guide when the tour is taken in groups, but I paid 50 pesos without joining a group. As it is a 20 minutes tour, I guess guides just accept who wants to take the tour and the price is probably negotiable. 


I had about 3 more hours. The humidity was very high, I did not have internet access, the sea was inaccessible. 



Fortunately I found a restaurant with a shaded garden to have lunch. I don’t know what fish was it, but I choose it from the iced box among many other bigger fish. It was a bit small and dry. They always cook fish here like this. The same the color and cut.

The drink is Jamaica. In the cooking class I attended in my school in Oaxaca, we made it. Dried Jamaica flowers are boiled and sugar is added. This was my favorite drink in Mexico. The other one was rice juice but I didn’t like it. Another drink, a drink made with wheat and sugar, I drank in Chetumal. It reminded me of “Aşure” 😀


When I went to the square for the bus, there was a colectivo, waiting for 4th person. I took it and went to Tizimin, there again I found a colectivo for Valladolid. It lasted 1.5 hours in total. Some how I missed that alternative when going there.


# Ek Balam


There are collectivo taxis, for 4 persons and 50 pesos each. So going there was easy, but on the way back I waited about 20 minutes, finally 2 persons came, so I paid for 2 to go not to wait more. I think it was a bit early in the morning, there were only 3 people at the cenote, as you see. When I was leaving, it got more crowded. But many people rent cars, which I recommend too.

You can rent a bicycle to go to the Cenote entrance or walk, the road is 2 km. I prefer the most comfortable 3-wheel bike instead of these two, because of my knees … For entrance and tricycle I paid 150 pesos in total, and 30 pesos for the locker. But there was no need, becuase there were only 3 people and a lifeguard. So it can be checked beforehand.


You can jump into the water using the roap. There is a fee for that too.

# Cenote Zaci



It is in the city. So it took 10 minutes on foot. If you have no time for other cenotes I definately recommend this one, as it is in the city and also the most beautiful one. I paid 30 pesos for the entrance and 20 pesos for the locker.


# Cenote Ik-kil

The most touristy and crowded cenote I have seen so far.

I went with the dolmus again. Valladolid takes about 30 min from the center. They told me to get off at the mainroad and walk in 4 to 5 minutes, but the minibus driver dropped me to the entrance. He told me to walk to the main road for the return, so I walked, but on the way back he first went to the entrance again, and he took me on the exit. They can tell about when they will be passing by. As per this information it was easy to go and return. One way was 35 pesos. For the entrance I paid 80 pesos.





January 19, 2019 😎✌️


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