San Cristobal de Las Casas


Guadelupe Church


When I first read about San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas I decided to visit this place for sure. Land of Maya. Not only here of course. Guatemala too. Therefore many traveller leave San Cristobal de Las Casas to the end and pass the Guatemala border by a bus or a car. I also planned like that and I left this city to the end.

I arrived San Cristobal de Las Casas on 1st of January from Guadalajara. I flew Guadalajara from San Francisco. I was going to stay about 10 days and meet Paola, my cousin’s friend. We met at my first evening and had a great dinner, chat a alot. At my third day in the city I lost my telephone, just gone. I realized after a short time that the police would never find it. I was in a bad mood. So it was time to go to San Cristobal. In the following days, I felt better, but for a while I was startled with the noice of a motorcycle or a car when passes by my.


 San Cristobal Church, the graffity and the hatter boy


In here I also got out of winter mood that I had in San Francisco and Guadalajara, being back to spring-summer days made me feel good too. As the city is above 2.200 metres sea level, like our plateaus, around 5 pm when the sun about to set, it really got chilly. By night, I used to wear my termals, and had quilt and a thick blanket, together with  bedspread on too. All was fine.

The cities I visited looked alike to me. They all have Zocalo in the centre and cities grow around it. There are single-storey houses in all of them and sometimes 2. People, clothing styles, mercados, shops, over loud music from stores, with Zocalos that more lively in the evenings are all nearly the same. And street food. Varieties of corn, blackened bananas, new fried very thin potato chips and tacos ofcourse. Of course, their atmosphere in general, their sizes, number of people, the number of cars and economic situations are different and the climate and nature too. 







First I visited Sumideo Canyon.. As it is the easiest way for me, I took a tour. There are plenty of colectivos and they are cheap but sometimes visiting a place by a tour turns out to be expensive and tiring too. (Just a little note; tours are cheap too. Altough it was the season up to 7th January because of Christmas and New Year, the tour prices were reasonable too. Keep in mind that they dont accept credit cards).


I saw this crocodile in blogs giving the same pose 😆


The other tour I took was to Cascadas de El Chiflón and Laguna Montebello. First visited Cascadas de El Chiflón. It was about 100 kilometre-road but took about 3 hours because of curves. And bumpers, roads are full of them.


Then another 85 kilometres in 2.5 hours to Laguna Montebello.



Then we returned to San Cristobal in 3 hours drive and 145 kilometres road. We were told that returning time would be 20.45-21.00.

Actually it would be so nice to stay over at least 1 night to see many other lakes, they are more than 50. There are cabanas and rooms. But keep in mind that in January, when the sun sets around 16.30-17.00, it got really cold. 

We returned on carretera internacional a Huixtla, a road all the way from Guatemala.

The last place I visited was San Juan Chamula and it turned out to be most strange one.


Meanwhile my plans have changed. Instead of going Guatemala from San Cristobal de Las Casas, by passing the border by buses, I decided to go to North, visiting Palenque, Campeche, Merida and then fly to Antigua. Actually another option would be flying to Chetumal and Bacalar and after going to the north, but that would skip Palenque, which I didnt want it. Besides on these days it seemed cloudy and rainy around Chetumal and Bacalar. So, next was Palenque. 


January 6, 2019 ✌️😎


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