Going Havana 👏👏

On my way to Havana, I have stopped in Cologne to spend the night. I stayed at Sigrid’s home, which I found it in Airbnb. In fact, I chose her home, based on the feedbacks about her and the location of her house. I was so lucky. Sigrid has lived in Mexico City for over 20 years. As soon as I read that, I have sent an email and told about my journey, and asked her to have a chat.

She was a lovely lady, greeted me very well. Started asking me lots of questions about my journey. She was so surprised to hear that I don’t have a detailed plan but just the names of the places.. 

She was very happy for me, and told me she would love to do it as well. She has recommended the middle and east of Mexico, and told I will love all of the places.

Next morning said goodbye warmly 🙋‍♀️

Later I saw her feedback in airbnb saying she highly recommends me as a very nice and cosmopolitan guest:)) In Ancient Greek, this means “world citizenship” or “universal citizenship”. What a nice word. I loved it. Because the word just exactly describes me; spiritually.

I guess that is the reason that pushes me into this journey; I am on my way.


Jose Martí International Airport

It was 00.00 when we landed. 10 hours of flight after 8 hours of delay.. I was so tired. Thanks God my luggage didn’t keep me wait so long, but the humidity was shocking in the middle of the night. Finding a cab was easy. Air-conditioner was on.. Great. I was just wondering about the people waiting for me. They knew about the delay, but I was so late. 

I was late when I arrived but it was not a night silence. But in fact it was just the opposite; people were out, playing music everywhere and the city was awake.

Alvio was waiting for me. He was so polite. He carried my bag 2 stairs up. He did a great favor 🙏


I have full 3 days to explor Havana. Next stops are Cienfuegos, Trinidad, La Boca and Santa Clara. The last stop is Havana for my flight to Mexico.


October 18, 2018  ✌️

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