The way to get from San Pedro to Quetzaltenango is to go to Panajachel by boat and take a shuttle to Quetzaltenango. I bought the boat and shuttle ticket from an agent in San Pedro. There are a large number of agents and very different prices, so I chosed the agency which gave me the highest price and didn’t make any discount at all. I did this to get the best service. They gave me my boat and shuttle tickets. Told me to get on 15.30 Panajachel boat. At the dock somebody would be waiting for me with a nameboard 🙃

I got on the boat at 14.30 and went to Panajachel at 15.00. I acted as early as an hour because the weather in the lake gets worse in the afternoons.

I waited until 16. Then it was 16.30, a lot of shuttle arrived and gone, except mine. And by the way, I called many times to tell I was still waiting, I only reached them on my first call. They said we would call back immediately. They never called. I was really nervous, I called the hotel I stayed in San Pedro and asked him to call the agency and say I was still waiting. He called me back in a few minutes and said wait, they would come.

Panajachel dock. When it was 17.15 finally a shuttle came one, got off the vehicle and shutted ‘Quetzaltenango’. I finally releived… but I still couldn’t make it not to be on roads in the middle of the night. 

There was no one else going to Quetzaltenango except me. I took a ride alone. After an hour or so the car was changed. It was already dark. The driver of the new car knew English, I asked which tour it was. It was monte-verdetours.com. I heard about this. We chatted all the way, I was better. 

If I had come from San Cristobal de Las Casas to Quetzaltenango by bus, as most of the backpackers do so, I would start my trip to Guatemala from Quetzaltenango. But the idea of crossing the border did not seemed ok to me when I was there. Maybe it’s because I’m not a backpacker ✌️😆


Finally Quetzaltenango …


I stayed in Quetzaltenango for 3 days. I really like this city.





Visited the famous churhes by chicken bus…

San Andres Xecul Church, Totonicapán


San Jacinto Church, Salcaja



I loved my stay in Casa Elisabeth a lot. I contacted the Casa before going there and so I met Silvana. She was so kind and helpful. She and the young girls that taking care of the Casa are so kind, beautiful persons. I am so happy to meet them. And the house is beautiful…


I also had a great help from Silvana about organizing my trip to Flores via Guatemala City. She informed me about lots of things, booked my tickets, took me to the station and said goodbye. Maybe we meet again some time some where✌️😀

The fruit of Caimito, I fou d on my last day. It is special to Guatemala and sold in local markets, not in supermarkets. Very nice, if you see it try it.


Tomorrow I am off to Flores’e…

January 3, 2019 ✌️😎


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