Lake Atitlan

San Pedro

There are many tour companies organizing shuttles between Antigua and San Pedro. I was looking for a shuttle with a door to door service. So I found one, which picked me up from my hotel but didn’t drop in San Pedro 🙃 There are many tuc-tucs doing that job. 

I preferred 11am shuttle because I knew that it was going to take more hours than they told. They say maximum 3 hours but it took about 5 hours. First reason is that they collected 15 people from 8-9 hotels which took 1 hour. Also cobblestoned roads slows driving too. On top of that, they didn’t use main road maybe half of the way. Finally I arrived 😀



Most of the villages in Atitlan Lake have schools for Spanish lessons. They are very famous about it, because it is said that they are the cheapest comparing Central and South American countries. Most offer them offers 1: 1, if you are 2, you can also get 2: 1. One of my dreams was to take Spanish lessons there, but I certainly didn’t want to take lessons when I was there. I just enjoyed being there.

I spent 4 days in the narrow streets of San Pedro, Santiago, San Marcos, enjoying the lake view and colors.



I participated Indian Nose Lake Atitlan sunrise tour



I went to Santiago to see traditional handmade clothes and the village. Ladies’ clothes did not look very different, but men’s clothing is quite different.

I took this photo in Santiago.


Different colors. I took this one in San Pedro.


More different one… I took that in San Marcos.


San Marcos

San Marcos is known as spirituel center. It is a beautiful quite place.







Tz’utujil Mayan Language

On my last day, I took a boat to Panajachel, from where I took shuttle to Quetzaltenango. On the boat next to me was a woman who had some scholl documents in her lap. So I asked what she does, she was a teacher at primary school. What I learn was, children start school at 4, they learn Spanish and Tz’utujil. When I heard locals speaking Tz’utujil, it sounded me like a form of Arabic. I was curious about their letters too, I asked.

And she showed me😀

She asked my name to write it in Tz’utujil, but it didnt work.


I attended the Chichicastenango Market tour, which takes place in Thursday and Sunday. This is the day of the colors.


More photos from the Chichicastenango market is here.


At the end of the 4 great days it is time to go to Quetzaltenango.

January 31, 2019 ✌️😎

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