My trip to Guatemala City on 25 January started with difficulties and went through with difficulties. I’ve included what I’ve experienced at the bottom of the article. After all, it is boring …

There are many things to do around Antigua and there are many tours. I don’t do hiking on mountains or volcanoes (there are tours to Acatenango volcano from Antigua. It is an active volcan and would love to see it, I know it from the pictures). So in my 2 days here, I walked up and down all the roads and enjoyed a lot seeing this colorful city. 






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Antigua is a city that has no traffic light, but there’s a lot of traffic. All the roads and many sidewalks are uneven cobblestoned. So walking on them was a bit hard. After 3 nights stay in Antigua, I decided to go to San Pedro La Laguna, as I was so exticed to see there.

Time to go.

January 27, 2019 ✌️😎


What I experienced…

First, a delay of more than two hours. We landed at 5 p.m. I was nervous about being at the time in the city. I was told that Uber is much safer, so I got a chip in the airport and called an Uber, I hope to be in Antigua around 7 p.m. 

Unfortunately the driver was no good. He said he needs to buy gasoline and nade a turn around airport, it was 6 pm, I was more nervous. That was a huge traffic jam, he kept changing roads and we weren’t going anywhere. 

I certainly learned that if I go a country for the first time, not to go on a Friday and on a weekend day. And also schedule to be there at noon, in case of delays.

I decided not to go to Antigua and I asked him to drop me a hotel. At the same time I was checking booking to find a hotel. He left me, I paid 100 quetzales just for 5 km way from airport and spending 2 hours. I didn’t like the place, it was about 7:30 and I called another Uber to go another hotel. I was so nervous. The hotel was close to the othet one but it was closed 😢

I asked him if going Antigua would take too long. He said no, only one hour. So I decided to go on. When we arrived it was 9, I paid 170 quetzales. When Uber asked me for feedback, I explained the situation, they asked a thousand questions and finally credited my account for 100 quetzales).

I was finally in the hotel but what happened to you know, the hotel told me the price 225 quetzales, but price was 225 mexican pesos. I wad shocked about that. So 2.7 times more than I booked. He didn’t make any discount, I couldn’t do anything about it, so I paid, I slept, and next morning I changed the hotel. The new one had dormitories and private rooms and was 4 blocks away from the center and away from all the noise. In Antigua it is good to stay in a hotel that is not in the center or close to center. Because the center is so loudly. 


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