Why go to Trinidad?

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful places on earth to photograph. It’s name is also very beautiful. A place that you can not stop yourself taking photos. Only in one day, I took more photos than I had in my Havana trip.

Sunrise, sunset, roads, horse-drawn carriages, bicycle cabs, or gringos on horses, musicians, vendors, half empty shelves in shops and pharmacy, luxury restaurants, cafes … and Trinidad … No need for words. You can click for more Trinidad photos.



Los Pinos


Los Gringos


I learned that the children read a total of 7 years in the main class and elementary school. This age group wear maroon uniform. Secondary school 3 years with yellow uniform, and high school 3 years with dark blue uniform. Uniform colors are like that across the country.



There is no university in Trinidad so the students need to go to Santa Clara or to Havana. Lisy, the lady at the casa told me that the kids mostly do not go to university in here.


And such a stylish and glamorous museum restaurant; Quince Catorce…




A parmacy and a shop



We have these from the garden today;


When I was looking for a place for snacks, I saw a tiny spot, first I didn’t get what she was selling. She was making sandwiches. The options were sandwiches with cheese or fried egg. While waiting my sandwich, we started the conversation and they were delighted when they found out that I am Turkish. They’ve been watching Turkish serials passionately. If we can talk, I am sure we will talk a lot but I am not very good with the language yet 😆 Anne, Feride, Elif, Fatmagül… 


I did two rounds in a day in Little Trinidad. It was very hot at noon, I went to the room and rested between my travels. In the afternoon I went to the famous Plaza Plaza to watch the sunset on the Mallorca side and the mojito at the Casa de la Música 🍹

The end of the day at Plaza  Mayor


October 26, 2018 ✌️😎

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