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Why is it good to have breakfast at ‘Casa’?

Tourism is a very important source of income for the country. Most of the families rent their casas to the tourists. It is called ‘casa particular’. There are hotels, but in my opinion, if there were not Casas then the hotels would not meet all the needs. It is said that a large portion of the accommodation price paid by the tourist goed to the state. That’s why getting breakfast at home is an important source of income for them. 

They give really big breakfast. Bread, butter, honey, cheese, cake, coffee, tea and 2 eggs cooked as your preference. And, at least 2 kinds of tropical fruit and minimum half a liter of fresh fruit juice prepared in blender with some water and ice 🥖🧀🍳🍍🍌☕️🥧🍽💕✌️


As they buy fresh fruits and bread early in the morning, they ask whether you will take the breakfast or not a day before. I realy liked that big breakfast very much as the most important meal of the day. After icy fruit juices I drank in the mornings I had wonderful cough lasting for days though.

In all casas I stayed, I started my day with this great breakfast👌 (It is 5 CUC)



My favorite meal in Cuba

Ropa Vieja, the famous Cuban dish, was amazing. I ate at the Dona Eutimia restaurant in Habana Vieja. Roasted meat with tomatoes and pepper. I loved the banana chips, rice and black beans. Delicious.

Ropa Vieja

You should try this

If you are in Cuba, there are definitely great cocktails to drink. But for that I had better to take good care of my throat. But, because of the icey tropical fruit juices that I drank in the breakfasts and icey Daiquiri  I tested, I caught a severe cough just in the beginning of my journey. But while this was the case, I also tried Cuban Libre, this time with less ice 😎 Both were very nice ✌️



Cubans love icecream

The ice cream in Havana is very popular. I read the story of Coppelia ice cream in almost every blog.

Coppelia is Fidel Castro’s project of producing more ice cream than American ice cream brands. It’s name is coming from his secretary Celia Sanchez’s favorite ballerina, Coppelia. In the 1960s, nearly 30 varieties were produced. I went to Havana branch. Since I was a tourist, I didn’t have to wait for the time, but I couldn’t take it and get out: ((

Coppelia Havana


Waiting to get in

They took me to a tiny room. There were about 5 tables. The walls were filled with photos of the opening day of this place. I ate my ice cream in this ice-box lounge. I don’t like it at all. In the meantime, over the years the varieties have decreased to 4.

The state has put security to these places, or a watchman. These places are already open to public, not to tourists, and they took certain number of groups within a certain number of hours. There is always a queue waiting at doors of banks, exchange offices, grocery stores, and these Coppelia shops. Meanwhile I noticed that most of the market shelves are empty and variety is very limited.


Money in Cuba

Here they have the pesos for Cubans (CUP) and the pesos for tourist (CUC).
This practice separates the tourist from the local people instantly because you cannot shop at the same store with them, you cannot eat in the same place, you cannot ride the same transportation vehicle. The state is already ruled by the government and tourists do not have local money, as well as there is nobody who want to sell something with local money to the tourists.

Except for exceptions. Even I experienced a few exceptions. I bought 3 bananas from a fruit stall, bought 2 small bottles of water from a park cafeteria and bought Churros. I did all this with 25 CUPs, which Alvio gave me as a change, that  worth of 1 CUC.

Everything is provided to the locals at very reasonable prices. In fact, I read that the government distributes things like meat, legumes, oil, soap and everyone has a home and no homeless person.


Internet in Cuba

I used ETECSA, the hourly internet card. WiFi spots are in various parts of the city. Some of these places are in park so have park benches, but there are people who are sitting already 😆 After login, the countdown starts and the remaining minutes of use are seen. It is better to deactivate the card by turning off the wi-fi after when you are done. 

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