La Boca Beach


After Cienfuegos, I had a night in La Boca and one night in Trinidad.

Diana called for colectivo. I was very glad to see the car arriving at Hostal Plaza early in the morning was one of those old American cars. A group of 4 French people were in the car when they came to pick me up. 3 people in the front, 3 people at the back. The seats were large enough so we sat comfortably. All of them speak English and one also Spanish. It was a very sweet group so we had a lot of fun and the laughter on the way. The most entertaining part was the bargain with the driver for my transfer from Trinidad to La Boca.

I haven’t had a bargain since I came to Cuba. But now I kept the bargain hard and we agreed on 6 CUC which he said 10 CUC at first.

I was very curious about how these American cars performed on intercity roads. (An American car took me from Havana to Cienfuegos but right after all the passengers were collected, the car has been swiched of to a Toyota. I guess there was a technical problem within the car). So This was my first experience. The engine power was good and speed was high enough.

Alvio said in one of our conversations, all the engines of these American cars were taken from Russian cars. I saw a lot of Lada in Cuba, but of course it came to me that the number of American cars are more on the traffic or American cars are so flashy, you don’t see the Ladas😉

On Trinidad’s cobblestone roads, while we were looking for the addresses of the people in the car, I saw half of the city 😆 so I say city, but this is actually more of a village.

It took about 10 minutes to arrive at La Boca. 

La Boca, mucis is everywhere  🎶🎵🎶


La Boca wellcome me 😎🎶🎵

Beautiful summer houses, this place is always summer ☀️ beautiful fruit trees, flowers. And they have crabs. I saw lots of crabs and crab nests.


I dont know if it is typical, but so orginal

La Casa de La Boca

The house is completely made of wood and had no glass on windows, with only wire and iron bars. Very nicely painted and decorated. Colorful rocking armchairs on the porch. I read La Boca on a blog of a traveler who liked it a lot. He was recommending this hostel (very satisfied with home, homeowners) as well as the beach.

Why I brought the flag here?

When I was booking the room, Vito asked me to bring the flag from my country. It has immediately found its place.

The beaches of Varadero are very famous, told with praise. But there were many who did not recommend as well. Since Varadero was not very practical for my route, I removed it from my list and chose La Boca because of its proximity to Trinidad. It wasn’t important for me because mine wasn’t a sea holiday.

But when I came here I realized there was a very tiny place, there were a few houses and nothing to do other than to swim. And I didn’t dare to swim with the crab and sea urchins.

From here the other beach Playa Alcon is only 7 kilometers way. Hostal Flerida told me I could go by bicycle. I wish I could go to the beach with a bicycle on the beautiful roads. But I didn’t want to hurt my knees as I’ve been on a long journey and I need them for long walks😄


There were the sun, the sea, the tree

Then came the people

Then came the taxi and I

And the cat came

Then the sun set, so was everyone 


October 25, 2018 ✌️😎

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