Back to Havana via Santa Clara to say goodbye to Cuba

It was a good opportunity to experince Viazul from Trinidad to Santa Clara. Because the Trinidad terminal is in the center of the city and the bus departure time was 14.00. It gave me more time for Trinidad. 

The bus arrived from Santa Clara via Cienfuegos. However, when I looked at the internet, I perceived it as going through another way so I would have seen different ways. Maybe it was for other tariffs of this route, I dont know. 


The bus arrived to the terminal at 17. Right away, I went to the Che Guevara Mausoleum in Che Guevara square. The Mausoleum houses Che and his fellow combatants killed in Bolivia. But the museum was closed. I walked around the square and the green parks and took a taxi to the hotel 👌


I immediately went to the square for dinner. A wonderful square. Birds are singing along with Cuban music. I enjoyed a lot. And I saw this, giving a ride to kids around the square.



I was so tired and sick, I came back to the hotel like 10. The next day I went to Havana with colectivo at 9.30. The fact that my I desire to spare a little more time for Trinidad resulted in so little time for Santa Clara. No time left to the museum, the Train Blindado and the Santa Clara Cathedral.

When I arrived in Havana at noon, I immediately left my things to the ‘casa’ and walked to Old Havana. But this time it was rainy, but it made me very happy that the humidity and the heat went and a little dry and cool air came on the last day of Havana. 


I would love to come and see again one day the wonderful large squares, beautiful tress, the parks, the cool cars, the beautiful food, the wonderful drinks, the lush green roads, the flag, the Che and the Fidel posters, the white clouds, Malecon, the art galeries, Cuban music and beautiful colorful Cubans who trying to get used to the new. And that time I will be good at Spanish 😀and I will have the opportunity to communicate better and get to know Cuba and the Cubans better, I hope.



Adios Cuba 👋

October 28, 2018

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