Beautiful Towns of Colombia, from Bogota

Villa de Levya

Again another great town that I am glad I have visited.

I came here from Terminal del Norte of Bogota to Tunja, and changed the bus for Villa de LEyva. Total is 170 km drive but, as there are so many curves and long waiting times at terminals. So, don’t remember exactly but from Bogotá terminal to Villa de Leyva, wasn’t less than 4 hours.

I stayed at Hotel Villa Mandalas in the centre. I had 2 mostly cloudy days and 2 rainy nights in this beautiful town Villa de Leyva.


The Casa Terracota – Award-winning fairy-tale house … Completely made of mud, lasting 13 years, with heating and electrical system, livable … and beautifully decorated …



I visited the private and non-profit Paleontological Research Center (CIP) and learned that it is one of the most advanced laboratories of Latin America in the preparation of vertebrate fossils. This is the first time I’ve been to a place like this, I was really excited.

It exhibits the most complete collection of prehistoric marine reptiles in South America, as well as the remains of dinosaurs, mammals and paleoflora.

They are currently working on Padillasaurus Leivaensis, sauropod (a dinosaur species and a new breed) and Desmatochelys Padillai, the world’s oldest turtle fossil.


I loved its great flowers and colorful cactus.


And horses


And here, they make arepa with cheese, the dough is sweet.. it was very good one.


San Gil

From Villa de Leyva to San Gil, first I went to Tunja again, and then I changed the bus for San Gil. San Gil is the town that I enjoyed the least…But I loved doing rafting and paragliding.


This was my first experience. I was so excited. It is said that Chicamocha Canyon is the best place in Colombia for paragliding.




I also visited the little towns that very close to San Gil. They are co close that a half day was perfectly enough.

Barichara… It is 22 km from San Gil Local bus terminal. The town and the landscape is so beautiful.










Guane is more a village. So sweet. Only 10 km away from Baricraha and beautiful.






I visited Guadalupe to see Las Gachas. It is famous for colored craters. There are holes with different sizes and depths, but it needs good amount of water to fill them. When water fills the holes they look like natural jacuzzis to enjoy. Unfortunately there were not enough rain to do that.

The plaza..

I went from San Gil to Oiba first, and from Oiba to Guadalupe. I enjoyed very much the beautiful nature between Oiba and Guadalupe.

March 19, 2019 ✌️😎


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