December Surprises


When I left Oaxaca for my trip to California I was so excited. As I didnt know the answers to where and when I would go afterwards, I got a oneway ticket. Being a traveler I always have oneway tickets anyway. I am on the flow ✌

Before meeting my 2 friends for our travels to Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and San Francisco, I was welcomed by a friend and stayed in their house in Aliso Creek. It was so good to be home. Chatting, eatting, going out. I liked that a lot. They took care of me greatly. And also had a Turkish coffee. Having a cup a after 2 months. Less is more. Will never forget it. 


Then I met with my friends for the travels and we have made hundreds of miles to see these wanderful places. The weather was sunny most of the time and temperature was good. Even the weather got cooller as we got more into Arizona, except for San Francisco days but it was nearly always sunny. So we enjoyed a lot.

Since we came from Las Vegas, we first reached to Grand Canyon West and Skywalk. We learned that Grand Canyon West is in the Hualapai Indian Tribal lands and is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The Grand Canyon West entrance fee was separate from any of the National Park Entrance Fee’s. We bought our tickets and went to see first Skywalk and then to other viewpoints by ring buses. At the entrance to the Skywalk we were asked to leave all our belongings, including telephones and cameras, in lockers. Taking pictures is not allowed.



Grant Canyon West

We spend the night in Flagstaff and hit the road early in the morning for the Antelope Canyons. Canyons are required to visit with tour operators in groups. Both can be visited within a day but we learned that visiting Upper Canyon is not a good idea in December. We have received the best information from one of the Upper tour operators 🍻 He said the December sun would not be good enough for the Upper Canyon. So we took the advise and enjoyed a lot. In our group were people who just visited Upper Canyon and we couldnt help not to ask how it was. And they confirmed, inside the canyon didnt get enough light for good photos.



Lower Antelope Canyon


Exit 😳


Horseshoe Bend


Visiting San Francisco was also sooo great. The famous piers at Embarcadero, Ferry Building Marketplace, Coit tower, Union Square, the Golgen Gate Park, Pasific bay, Lombard Street, Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.









Unfortunately it was so cloudy and sometimes rainy. On the day we decided to go to Napa Valley, the sun was with us at least so that we enjoyed the nature more and on the way back we passed Golden Gate Bridge and drove down to Baker Beach where we caught that magnificent sunset ✌️🥰


Baker Beach Sunset


After our trip in San Francisco, my friends continue to South for few days and flew back home. And I decided to fly to Guadalajara to see the city, visit a friend and also go to Puerto Vallarta beaches too.

Unfortunately it didnt go well. I didnt enjoy my stay in Guadalajara. Not the city was not a charming place or the weather was bad, it is becasue I lost (!) my telephone when walking one of the roads. And it was impossible to fine it by the police too. 

I took photos of my Hospicio Cabanas with ipad and a few photos I took with my new phone as the memories of Guadalajara.

I was also warned about taxis. Everybody told me not to take a taxi in the street, they are not safe. Use uber. I wasnt happy and comfortable in there so decided to leave.

What was so good about my time in Guadalajara was that I met a lovely friend. Actually my cousin introduce her to me. But she was leaving the city for a travel to Turkey one day later my arrival. So we had time for dinner. Talked a lot about the city, our travels, tips, alot of information. In the restaurant she drove us I had a good meal with guacamole and micheladas.

The other great thing was the friends I met at Casa Sabina. I liked the place a lot. More than that I met so nice friends there. So I was with them on the new year night and had a delicious home made dinner with them. 

And now, it is time to go.

January 1, 2019 😎✌️

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