Flores – Tikal – San Ignacio – Belice City, and Back to Cancun



Flores is such a little island in the Lake Peten Itza. It has a connection to Santa Elena with a bridge. I came here to see this beautiful town and go to the Tikal archaeological site, and then Belice.

I got here from Quetzaltenango by bus. With the help of Silvana, I bought my tickets from the bus company Fuerte Del Norte. The 5-hour journey was comfortable between Quetzaltenango and Guatemala City. I changed the bus in the terminal, this time I traveled on the lower floor of the double-decker luxury bus. This is a section of 12 people, there were 3 seats in each row. At the left 2 seats, at the right 1 seat. I had to choose the last empty seat, on the left side, at the aisle. It was an overcooled bus with WC and wi-fi. I couldn’t connect though it may seem like a connection on my phone. I slept anyway and reached Flores early in the morning.


A day in Flores


There are many agents in the Flores, organizing tours to Tikal. I preferred the early morning tour. The second alternative was to go in the daytime, so I didn’t choose it because of the heat. The third alternative was to go out at noon and be there at sunset, which was not attractive, because the weather was cloudy and rainy in those days. I’d prefer that if there was a clear weather. There were also 3 alternatives for the return.

Large vehicles cannot enter the island, they can just be in a place next to bridge. I was told to be in front of my hotel at 4.30. The meeting point must have been my hotel, when went down, we were a total of 7 people. We walked the bus with the person who came to pick us up. About 20 people were there. They took us on the bus by making a ticket check, and we set off. 65 km. road but it took more than 2 hours. Everybody bought his/her own entrance ticket and it was 8 when we entered to the archaeological site. The air was cloudy and humid. It was about 10.30, the sky got clear and the sun appeared and only then I realy felt better, because I needed the sun for better photos.







Flores is very close to the Belize border and some of the tour operators here sell bus tickets of Marlin Espadas and some sell of Fuerte Del Norte. Without spending time in Belice City, tourist go directly to Caye Caulker (and from there to San Pedro) Island because tourist come here for the Caribbean Sea. Also it is said that Belize City is not safe and there is nothing there to do as well. Flores tour operators also sell ferry tickets.

This is the first time I experienced the crossing of a land border from one foreign country to another.


I bought my ticket from Marlin Espadas, from the agency at Green Monkey Hostel. They told me to come to the hostel at 6.30 for breakfast, jorney would start at 7.

And we were at the border at 9:30. A man got on the bus and asked if we wanted to exchange out Guatemalan money (Quetzal) into Belice dollar. I changed my 7.5 quetzles left in my pocket for 2 Belice dollars.

The driver told us to take all our belongings and pass to passport control. The empty bus passed the other side of the border and waited for us. I asked a help with my baggage. The exchange man got somebody for me and I gave him my 2 Belize dollars ✌️

From San Ignacio to Belize City;





We arrived at the Belize City ferry terminal at around 12.30. I took my ticket from the terminal to go to San Pedro. We made a ferry trip for more than 1.5 hours. First Caye Coulker, then San Pedro. At 14.00, I left my stuff to the hotel and went to the seaside. The air was cool, the water was cold 🙃 but the thousand tons of blue was just perfect.



And sun set at San Pedro…

The next day it was full of clouds and rain … I found San Ignacio as another place to see in Belize. I read on the internet that other parts of the country is not safe, especially for single travellers. San Ignacio is the town on the border of Guatemala-Belize. So, I went to San Ignacio with the Marlin Espadas bus , it took 2 hours, and spent 2 nights – 1 day there, and rain again…





I visited https://www.sanignaciobelize.com/belize-iguana-project

The cool iguanas of the Project 🦎🦎


For the return, I went from San Ignacio to Belize City and from there to Chetumal-Mexico, again with Marlin Espadas. My 2nd land border pass ✌️

We didn’t pay for entrance to Belize, but when leaving the country, I paid 20 USD for staying more than a day. For more information, please visit here. http://www.bmabz.com/travel.html

From there, I went directly to Cancun airport with ADO (Mexico’s intercity bus company). I reached the airport around 7 am and waited for my flight time in Bogota at 11.50.

February 11, 2019 ✌️😎


Note: I have learned that it is safe to travel with ADO night buses in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo states. It was great convenience for me to have a bus from Cancun airport directly from Chetumal.

Note: The lack of an exchange office at Cancun international airport is very interesting.

Note: I have entered Mexico 3 times, without an intention. I’m glad I got a US visa.

If you enter Mexico from the land border, at tbe customs, one of the two counters is for you: For staying ‘more than 7 days’ in Mexico, or ‘less than 7 days’. Fee is requested for more than 7 day stays.


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